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If just the thought of money makes you feel uncomfortable, know that you’re not alone. So many of us have anxiety around money because we were never taught to view it in a healthy way. Money Isn’t Scary is podcast designed to help you take an honest look at the thoughts and beliefs behind your relationship with money. On a mission to remove the stigma around money, Meghan Dwyer takes you on her personal journey of exploring her fears, so that others don’t feel so alone. We dive into the stories we tell ourselves that unknowingly hold us back and begin to challenge the cultural constructs that we’re living in.

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Latest Episodes

It Doesn’t Always Have to be So Hard

Today I share my thoughts on the belief we have that life is hard and we need to struggle to have anything good. I dissect what it actually means,...

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Scared of Budgets? How to Change Your Mindset and Let Go of the Fear

Today I talk about the dreaded "B word" - budget. I talk through what it actually is, why we have such a negative connotation with the word and what...

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Imposter Syndrome is Fantastic with Kate Hutson

Today, I’m sharing my conversation with Kate Hutson, Executive Life Coach with Shattered Glass Coaching. Kate helps women develop courageous leadership skills and supports them as they achieve their...

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Where Does all my Money Go? How to Find Clarity when Spending is a Black Hole

In today's episode, I talk about a common question we ask ourselves: "where does all my money go?". I talk about why this is so common, especially for women...

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What is Self-Compassion? How To Be a little Kinder to Yourself

Today I take a deep dive into self-compassion - what it is, the benefits and how to actually use it to stop the inner self-critic and harness the emotional...

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Why Women NEED to talk about Money with Candice Bakx-Friesen

Today, I’m sharing my conversation with Candice Bakx-Friesen, a mother of 4, a realtor, entrepreneur, money coach and speaker.  Candice and I talk about the importance of being open...

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