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If just the thought of money makes you feel uncomfortable, know that you’re not alone. So many of us have anxiety around money because we were never taught to view it in a healthy way. Money Isn’t Scary is podcast designed to help you take an honest look at the thoughts and beliefs behind your relationship with money. On a mission to remove the stigma around money, Meghan Dwyer takes you on her personal journey of exploring her fears, so that others don’t feel so alone. We dive into the stories we tell ourselves that unknowingly hold us back and begin to challenge the cultural constructs that we’re living in.

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Latest Episodes

The Specialness Spiral: Why We Buy Things and Never Use Them

Today, I'm talk about the phenomenon called the 'Specialness Spiral' - why we deem certain items as too special to use. We talk through the impact that this has...

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Summer Anxiety is Real: How to Keep your Cool During a Stressful Season

Today I talk about summer anxiety - why you're not alone if you're feeling it, and tips to copy and work through it.  I'm also starting some free breakthrough sessions,...

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Can Money Buy Happiness? It Depends on How you Define Happiness.

Today, I ask the age-old question - can money buy happiness? I think the answer depends on a number of different factors, most importantly - how do you define...

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Fulfilled as a Mom with Tracy Bingaman

Today I talk with Tracy Bingaman, working mom coach who helps working moms go from saying "I wish I had time and money" to understanding that they are in...

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