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If just the thought of money makes you feel uncomfortable, know that you’re not alone. So many of us have anxiety around money because we were never taught to view it in a healthy way. Money Isn’t Scary is podcast designed to help you take an honest look at the thoughts and beliefs behind your relationship with money. On a mission to remove the stigma around money, Meghan Dwyer takes you on her personal journey of exploring her fears, so that others don’t feel so alone. We dive into the stories we tell ourselves that unknowingly hold us back and begin to challenge the cultural constructs that we’re living in.

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Today I talk about why I don't like resolutions and why resetting (in the right way) is more effective when we look at our goals and intentions. 

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Embracing Discomfort with Rebecca Wiener McGregor

Happy New Year! As we enter into the season of new beginnings, I share my conversation with breakthrough coach, Rebecca Wiener McGregor, who works with her clients to move...

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Navigating Fear with Dr. Elisebeth Vanderweil

Today, I'm sharing my conversation with Dr. Elisebeth Vanderweil on one of my favorite topics - fear. We talk about where fear comes from, the different types of fear...

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Am I Really Done with Christmas Shopping?

Today on the show, I get vulnerable as I dig into what's going on in my head this time of year - why I feel this pressure to always...

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Unlocking the Power of Your Voice with Casey Erin Clark and Julie Fogh

Money Isn't Scary turns 1 today!! In timely fashion, today, I'm talking with Casey Erin Clark and Julie Fogh, voice coaches and founders of Vital Voice Training. We talk...

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Checking In

Today I'm filling you in on what's been going on with me the last few weeks and I provide some insight into the importance of taking some time for...

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