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If just the thought of money makes you feel uncomfortable, know that you’re not alone. So many of us have anxiety around money because we were never taught to view it in a healthy way. Money Isn’t Scary is podcast designed to help you take an honest look at the thoughts and beliefs behind your relationship with money. On a mission to remove the stigma around money, Meghan Dwyer takes you on her personal journey of exploring her fears, so that others don’t feel so alone. We dive into the stories we tell ourselves that unknowingly hold us back and begin to challenge the cultural constructs that we’re living in.

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Latest Episodes

Let’s re-think Competition – And What we can do Instead

Today I talk about competition and offer my insights into why women and moms are so competitive, as well as offer ways we can stop the craziness and work...

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Getting Emotional with Jennifer Love

Today, I’m sharing my conversation with Jennifer Love. Jennifer is a money therapist, wealth philosopher and business advisor. If you love diving into the weeds on how the human...

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What I learned walking into Neiman Marcus

Today I share my experience walking into a high-end department store - all the feelings about myself that came up and how its a representation of something bigger within...

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Why We Buy Things We Don’t Need

Today on the show, I talk about a few reasons why we buy things we don't need. One is because of the Diderot Effect, or the concept that one...

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How Linear Thinking is Keeping you Stuck

Today I talk about what linear thinking is, how it keeps us stuck in negative patterns and what we can shift our thinking to be less linear, more flexible...

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How I’m Learning to Navigate a New Season with Less Stress

Today I talk about transitions and how we can navigate this next new season - Fall and kids back to school - while also keeping our sanity. I talk...

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