Today, I’m sharing my conversation with Financial Abundance Coach, Jen Piala. Jen helps women stop worrying about money so they can start creating the life they truly want. 

In our conversation, we talk about: 

  • Abundance and what it actually means to us vs. the dictionary definition
  • Why you might want to find a belief buddy
  • The importance of Determining your ‘Now’ goal
  • Visualizing the feeling that you want
    • AND so much more

Check out Jen’s free Facebook group where you can learn money tips and tricks and how to grow your beliefs and set a good mindset around their money.  Here is the link

You can also set up a FREE Cash Clarity Call using this link:  During this time you will get clear on what you really want and go deep on how you can live for now, but also have a savings plan for the future!


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